Privacy Policy Since serves as a bridge between employers and job seekers, you as a job seeker may think that the website collects personal data. doesn’t collect any user’s data in any way because we don’t have any forms to fill. we make it easier for the job seeker to contact employer directly. We may track certain user’s behavior in order to serve them better by providing them the jobs based on their interest from their behavior on our website. The “behavior” on the site doesn’t mean collecting their personal information such as form data and sign in forms. Any personal data such as email addresses & their behavior on the website will not be shared with any marketing agency and their emails will not be used for marketing purposes. Our subscription list contains email addresses from the job seekers and users of the website, their privacy is our highest priority and we keep their emails as a top secret. We don’t allow scripts to run on our website and track user’s behavior. None of the subscription emails are used for any purpose including marketing & any other business program. The content we post on the website belongs to and it’s our copyright. No user or job seeker is allowed to use employer’s emails for political purposes, or support terrorism. Emails from the job seekers on our website belong to different organizations in Afghanistan. those emails provided by job seekers should be used only for sending resumes and contact. We don’t allow any digital marketing agency to use employers emails for digital marketing purposes.