P&O Technician Supervisor

Job Details       This job is expired at 07 Feb 2023

Closing Date: 07-Feb-2023 Number of Jobs: 1
Vacancy Number: HI-2023-0021 Work Type: Full Time
Functional Area: health care Languages: dari,pashto,english
Experience: 3 Years Contract Type: Long Term
Gender: Any Nationality: afghan
Salary: Based on Organization salary scale Contract Duration: 1 year with extension possibility
Province: Bamyan City: Bamian center
Education: Have Cat 1 Degree in P&O profession Extension Possibility: Yes

About Handicap International

HI has been supporting the Afghan people since 1987, starting its operations in Pakistan. Since 1996, HI has been operating across Afghanistan in order to launch victim assistance interventions, working at different levels of the society and adopting a cross-sectoral approach. While present on the ground to directly support victims of the conflict through the provision of a range of services – from physical rehabilitation, to mine risk education and inclusive livelihoods – HI has been continuously advocating to increase the rights of victims and other people with disabilities in the country. In particular, and in line with its global strategy and priorities, HI has been advocating to reduce the use of landmines and conventional weapons. Acknowledging the need to respond to the urgent emergency crises combined with longer term, chronic gaps in the provision of services, HI has steadily expanded its range of activities and services in order to support the most vulnerable people, enhancing their resilience while strengthening participation and inclusion of all individuals.

This job is expired at 07 Feb 2023

Job description

Job Description:

1. Patient Care

Aim: To participate as a full member of clinical team taking part in examination, prescription and communicating appropriately to patients and families

a) Formulation of treatment

Take part in clinical examination and prescription while involving the patients in the process.
Providing information to users/patients on pre-surgical, post surgical, medical and therapeutic management of people in need of prosthetic and orthotic devices
Participate in multidisciplinary client management with physiotherapists and to take part in consultation with PTs in the selection of devices for the clients
To design orthotic and prosthetic devices, based on consultations together with physiotherapists or physicians' prescriptions.
b) Fitting, fabrication and treatment

To make negative and positive moulds for all kind of prosthesis and orthotics.
To fit, test, and evaluate the devices, and make adjustments for proper fitting and to make sure the devices is functional, and comfortable.
To modify positive and negative models and layouts of design to obtain optimal fitting alignment
To produce all types of Orthotics and Prosthetics in accordance with schedule.
Fabrication of prosthesis or orthosis and ensure that technical card is filled in well
To keep accurate record of the production, repairs and delivery in the provided forms and patient files
c) Evaluation and Follow-up

Instructs the patient and family in the use and care of the devices and motivate the patients to take part in therapy, taking into account gender diversities
As a member of the team, advise and participate directly in the final check-out and evaluation of the fit, function and cosmesis.
Takes part in follow-up procedures as well as appropriate maintenance repair and replacement of the appliance
2. Training, education and technical improvements

Aim: To ensure that junior technicians and those on the job training understand the clinical and technical aspects production, delivery and use of prosthetic and orthotic devices through on the job training and supporting continuous professional development

To developing a training plan for capacity building of prosthetic & orthotic technicians
Take an active part in and contribute to the process of continuing professional development for self and prosthetic & orthotic technicians
In consultation with the  Rehabilitation TO and P&O trainer, propose technical changes/adjustment in prosthetic and orthotic production and delivery in order to ensure quality 
Regular research and development with Rehab TO  for improvement of P&O services at PRC.
When required, support P&O Trainer and Rehab TO in capitalizing on new areas of learning in P&O or any specific case histories for PRC internal use and for outside publications
Follow the online courses and build own capacity through scheduled sessions,. Provide regular feedback to PRC Project Manager about progress and needs. 
3. Clinical management and supervision of junior technicians

Aim: To ensure quality of production and delivery of prosthetic and orthotic devices; ensuring that the devices meet the needs of users and cosmesis is maintained

To train technicians & technician assistant as agreed upon by the Head of Technical Department
To identify and provide suggestion areas of  improvement  in the technical  skills of  technicians with aim of improving clinical care in the PRC
To ensure that when devices are delivered ,they are well fitting and meet technical standards ( alignment anatomical  alignment  is maintained  to promote function and , cosmesis etc)
To check and ensure the P&O technicians keeps appropriate patients records 
To observe the performance of the P&O technicians and P&O delivery of devices on a regularly base.
Actually participate in the workshop for RMS, RCAF workshop Contribute to the development of the PRC procurement plan's BoQs and forecast for materials and equipment
Other Responsibilities

To follow the maintenance instructions of the machines at PRC.
Responsible for cleaning his/her work place and machinery at the end of each day
To inform Head of Technical Dept. about things that need to be repaired or maintained
To participate in weekly or monthly meetings
Any other tasks in line with his/her job not mentioned in the Terms of Reference and based on the requisition/ requirements of the project should be fulfilled by the employee when requested by the PRC project manager and/or Head of Technical Department.

Job Requirements:
Knowledge required


Have Cat 1 Degree in P&O profession
Have 3 year work experience in prosthetics and orthotics production.

Have Cat 1 Degree in P&O
Have 5+ years work experience
Skills required


Information processing
Ability to work in a team
Group leadership

Relational skills

Submission Guideline:

Please send your CV and Cover letter to:  recruitment@afghanistan.hi.org

Note: Applications without mentioning the Position Title & Vacancy Number in the subject line of the email will NOT be considered.

Disabled & Females are particularly encouraged to apply

- HI has got strong stand on protection of beneficiaries.

"The P&O Supervisor  will have to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promotes the implementation of the code of conduct"

Submission Email: