HMIS Officer (Re Announced)( 2 vacancy)

Job Details      

Closing Date: 05-Feb-2023 Number of Jobs: 2
Vacancy Number: HMLO-HR-VA-002 Work Type: Full Time
Functional Area: health care Languages: dari,pashto,english
Experience: 2 years Contract Type: Long Term
Gender: Male Nationality: afghan
Salary: As per organization salary scale Contract Duration: 6 Months
Province: Multi CIty City: Gardez
Education: MD Extension Possibility: Yes

About Human Management & Leadership Organization (HMLO)

Human Management and Leadership Organization (HMLO) is a national, non-government, and non-profit civil society organization registered in December 2020 with the Directorate of Non-Government Organizations under the law of the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It is based in Kabul, Afghanistan. The prime motto of HMLO is to build the capacity of the war-stricken people of Afghanistan by ensuring quality social services delivery to the most deprived and most marginalized people of the society. The inception and establishment of HMLO is a direct result of a few like-minded, humanistic and empathetic sentiments of a group of patriotic nationalists who in collaboration envisioned a robust society well equipped with the art of living tinctured with civilization, civility, and sufficiently tolerable respect the rights of all others. True to the essence, the organization was named as Human Management and Leadership Organization. Considering their staunch association with the multifaceted social fabric of Afghan society, the cognizant group initially commenced voluntary but scattered efforts to help out the neediest and most marginalized and later on decided to shape their effort into more consolidated, durable, and impactful ones. HMLO since its inception has been carrying out a range of interventions in the areas of education, health & hygiene, youth & women empowerment, emergency response & preparedness, governance, free legal aid, human rights, rehabilitation, etc.

Job description

Job Description:
Provision of supportive supervision and on-the-job training to the health facility staff, preparation and compiling the reports, preparation of HMIS reports, data entry, Collection of reports from health facilities, and Analysis of collected data.

Report to: Program Manager

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

I. Technical

To ensure that all emergency primary health care project-related HFs are implementing standard HMIS tools and guidelines in all provinces.
Ensure enough availability of HMIS tools in all service delivery points and proper use of them.
To check and ensure the accuracy of HMIS reports received from relevant service delivery points.
Recommend/help the regional program manager with HMIS-related issues.
Perform regular supervision of the health facilities and provide feedback on HMIS to the relevant health facilities.
Analysis of the HMIS data of the HFs and sharing the result with the WORLD management team, related departments in office.
To ensure that all the extra tasks rather than HMIS for the amelioration of the program are achieved on time.
Conducting of HMIS data use review meeting at provincial and regional levels on quarterly base.
Regularly arranging joint supervision with other stakeholders in the province to provide support other stakeholders.
Carry out HMIS data verification at all HFs in close coordination of other health supervisor.
II. Management

Provide relevant information to the regional program manager and country office in report writing for Donors and MoPH reports.
Planning, implementing and controlling the HMIS activities (targets) according to the logical framework and proposal.
To ensure on time submission of reports to the sub office.
To identify HMIS tools and other needs of all HFs on a proper time to ensure that there are no shortages.
Visit of health Facilities according to the monthly plan.
Ensure proper record and documentation of HMIS related documents.
Attending all necessary meetings, workshop and training asked by management
Provide monthly narrative and other reports as needed and supervision plan.
Coordinate activities with Health facilities in charges.
Ensure, update all health workers about the revised BPHS recommendations.
Provide supportive supervision from the health facilities
III. Training

Ensure that HMIS initial and refresher trainings are provided to the health workers according to the standard HMIS curriculum based on the TNA and proposal plan by coordination of training department.
Ensure that all new employees are trained before starting work in the HFs.
Facilitate training for HFs staff and other relevant staff as needed.
Provide regular on the job training to relevant staff.
Coordinate training with training unit and keep record of related training
Provide HMIS training data for donors and MoPH reports
To perform any other official task assigned by line supervisor.
Job Requirements:
The HMIS Officer must of an MD doctor who graduated from a recognized medical university with a minimum of two years of experience in the relevant field, to have the ability to use of HMIS database, HMIS data analysis, and implementation of HMIS standards at project and Health Facilities levels. To have the ability to provide HMIS training to the project supervisors and to the health facilities’ technical staff.

Jab Location: Khost Paktia Paktika
Submission Guideline:
Interested applicants are invited to send their resume and an accompanying cover letter electronically to:

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