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About ASK Training and Consulting

ASK Training and Consulting is consulting firm active in supporting the international development and co-operation sector. ASK was officially founded in 2015, in Kabul, Afghanistan, and has been operating since then. Over the past 7 years, ASK has worked with government multilateral institutions, civil society, and private firms to clarify, measure, and improve their results and has been a well-known and established Afghan consulting firm in delivering professional and technical assistance. ASK Consulting holds a vision to empower businesses, industries and public institutions by enabling them to draw meaningful inferences from data and therefore focuses on statistics, monitoring and evaluation, project management, research and capacity building. It provides timely, reliable and accurate consultancy services and trainings on these topics by following international standards for research activities and sticks to its principles of respecting human rights, cultural diversity, protection of environment and gender equality at all times. 1.1 ASK’s Expertise ASK comprises more than 300 professionals who are recognized for their technical excellence. ASK staff represent a range of backgrounds and expertise. This includes PhD and Master-level researchers, evaluators and a wide variety of senior and junior staff with advanced degrees in education and TVET, public health, business administration, health administration, public policy, economics, management, and epidemiology. ASK's expertise extends from statistics in both qualitative and quantitative research processes (socio-economic, demographics, migration, health, disaster risk reduction, nutrition, education monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, market and feasibility research, finance, education, labor market and agriculture) to project management, geographical information systems and remote sensing applications. Our core expertise lies in providing monitoring, evaluation and learning solutions to governments, investors, corporates and humanitarian organizations. We also specialize in building management and analytical capacities of development professionals. At ASK, not only do we possess technical expertise, but also, are eager innovators. We develop case-specific methodologies and contextualize and augment existing ones. We also construct customized measurement and learning systems, in response to program demands.

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